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Major lower limb amputations

There are approximately 5-6000 major lower limb amputations undertaken per year in the UK.


85% are performed for peripheral vascular disease
10% for trauma
3% for malignant disease
2% for chronic pain, congenital deformity and other causes


80% below knee amputees will walk again
40-50% above knee amputees will walk again

Outcome: Variable but depends on age, reason for amputation and co-existing disease

Below Knee Amputation

Case study

This young man in his twenties sustained major injuries to his ankle as a result of trauma.

17 orthopaedic operations later he remained off work and unable to walk more than 25 metres because of a deformed ankle.

The patient was assessed in our multi-disciplinary clinic and a decision to proceed with a below knee amputation was made.

Surgery was more difficult than usual because of the extensive previous skin grafting. A modified skin flap was felt to be most appropriate.

The patient made a full recovery.
He has returned to a very active life including normal work, canoeing and hill walking (he covered 24kms over mountain terrain within 4 months of surgery).

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Before the surgery 7 days post-op

14 days post-op
14 days post-op

3 months post-op Stump with stocking ready
to insert into prosthetic limb

Prosthesis fitted Prosthesis fitted

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